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Computer Games

I am at my computer keyboard one day, totally involved in playing my favorite on-line game, when you get home from work. I am so engrossed by the game, I barely hear your key in the lock, much less slip up behind me. As you know it is my habit to play on the computer wearing only a large, loose t-shirt, in my old, tilting swivel-type office chair. You slip your cool hands up the sleeves, and cup my tits gently. As I arch my back towards you and stretch, you begin to tease my nipples between your fingers, pinching them lightly and rolling them around. Your caresses become stronger, and I let you remove my shirt, allowing my nipples to dance freely in the cool air. Leaning back in the chair, and propping my legs up on the edge of the desk, I arch my back toward you. My tits with their excited nipples are now pointing straight up at the ceiling. You bend your head down, and take one into your mouth as you continue to tease the other one with your free hand. Licking, sucking, teasing, pinching, pulling... I am moaning in delight. I need to keep my hands busy... and work my way around to your zipper, easing it down, sliding that erect cock out of its warm hiding place, and into my hungry hands. I stroke you eagerly as you continue to play with my tits. I am enjoying this angle tremendously... stretched out almost all the way with my hands wrapped around your cock, and your mouth eagerly sucking at my tits.
You begin to move one curious hand down my belly....I squirm with delight as your fingers just graze by my mound. You urge my legs apart and tease my slit with your fingers... running a finger up and down, back and forth... coming close to entering me, but not quite yet. Meanwhile, I have begun to lick and suck on the cock that is right in front of my nose... I reach back and undo the button of your jeans, and pull them down over the gentle curves of your ass. Your fingers enter my hot, wet pussy... first one, then another... teasing, darting in and out, working me to a frenzy. Your cock has been growing all this time as I eagerly suck and stroke it. Finally, you decide we need to change positions. You pull me gently from the chair, move the keyboard to one side, and place e on the desk. Leaning me back, you open my legs wide, and sit in my chair.

Slowly, you run a finger up and down the slit, then begin to follow it with your tongue. Nibbling, teasing, sucking.... you insert one finger deep, and begin to stroke while you flick your tongue across my clit. Faster and deeper, sucking more urgently, you know you are driving me wild. You use both hands to hold my pussy lips wide open, ready for your tongue. I moan with delight as I feel you enter me, sucking my juices from deep within. Finally, when I can stand it no more, you pull back, stand, and placing my legs on your shoulders, you thrust deep within me, making me scream with delight. You drive your engorged cock deeper, pulling out almost all the way, then slamming back into me, hard... full.. just the way you know I love it. Deeper, faster.... you reach down and play with my clit as you know I am about to cum. All too soon, you reach your own climax, and shoot your load of hot cum deep as I moan with delight. Your deep strokes slow, and you hug me gently. Looking me right in the eye, you smile as you say, "Hey, baby, I'm home... what's for dinner?"

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