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New Advice from Adult Star Savanna Samson

par Savanna Samson and YOU!

Question from ennie63:Since joining Adult FriendFinder I've found that there's a lot of no-strings-attached sex going on. I like the idea of it, as it suits my lifestyle, but my question to you is: how can I avoid confusing sexual needs with emotional (love) needs? Sometimes it's really hard to have a great fuck with a guy and then just move on!

Savanna answers: I know how people, men in particular, say, "Sex is sex and love is love" but that's not always a true statement. I for one give so much of myself with the person, or people, I'm having sex with that after a good orgasm I can't help but feel "love" for at least 24 hours. But then you have to come to your senses and remember that it is what it is. Would you really want him to stay? No, you don't! You need to keep your emotions in check or you're going to be left feeling very lonely. I am not suggesting to hold back in any way. If you're going to do it, do it and do it with passion. But when it's time to say good-bye say good-bye, until next time. Use those feelings you're having afterwards as great masturbation material. Let the experience stay with you until your next encounter with someone new and exciting. That way you're not denying yourself, just extending the experience in your mind to pleasure your body.


Question from DLChocolate:I've got a question and I'm sure you have the answer. My man and I are apart for a couple of months and when I go to visit him, I want it to be absolutely mind blowing. The best he's ever had. I've been pretty conventional but I want to change that. Here's the question: I want him to cum from oral sex but he usually takes a long time during intercourse. How do I give amazing head and make him bust in my mouth?

Savanna answers: Ooh Girl! This is my favorite thing to do! I always say if you can satisfy the little man you can satisfy the big man.You said, "he usually takes a long time during intercourse." Are you concerned that he will take too long to cum and your mouth will get tired? To give him that mind blowing orgasm in your mouth you need to start at his lips and work your mouth all over his body. Get on your knees fairly quickly though, so he knows what's coming. Try not to do the obvious and just start sucking. It's the anticipation of your wet mouth that is going to make him throb. I work my mouth all around the cock, lift it and lick his balls. Get way down there with your tongue. Men love the spot between the anus and the balls licked and fondled. I love to make the shaft all wet and rub the head around my lips. Once you start taking it in your mouth, open your throat and take it in as far as you can; he'll think you're so deliciously naughty! Doing this also makes your mouth real wet so it's nice and slippery. I like to suck on it for a bit and then go back to the balls, pulling up on his member as I do it. Then back to working it with my mouth and tongue. I use my lips too, which helps prevent the teeth from getting involved. Once he starts to grab the back of your head you'll know he's ready to explode. Use your hand and wrist in a circular motion and move your mouth up and down on it. Don't feel bad if he takes it out of your mouth and strokes it while he cums. Just look up with your eyes and open your mouth. Take that hot cum and lick it! I think I'll do the same tonight!


Question from Vixxxen70My husband would love it if I would do a striptease for him. The problem with that is I don't have the porn star body. I'm a big woman. I feel ridiculous shaking it like that. How can I get the confidence to do that for him?
Savanna answers: We need to work on your self-confidence girl! Forget about how you think you'll look and remember that he loves you how you are. That doesn't mean we can't take measures to help you find your inner beauty and confidence. When I'm going to do a movie or a photo shoot where I know I'll be scantily clad in little to nothing at all, I do many things to prepare. You could do the same. First of all I get manicures and pedicures. Hot red colors so when he has your toes in his mouth you will know how sexy your feet are. I go to the gym and do cardio, even if it's that day! Just knowing I broke a sweat makes me feel a little more confident. I go to the tanning salon and get a spray tan. Spray tans are awesome! They last for like three days and make you look a little slimmer. Always exfoliate first so you tan more evenly. Oh and please, wait the allotted time and then shower off. One time I had sex after a spray tan at the Standard in West Hollywood. That hotel is completely white. We had sex on the couch, on the chair, on the bed and the bar stools. Afterwards I was like, "Oh shit!" My tan was everywhere and the hotel was not happy. Nowadays, though, you can get them with the clear spray instead of with the bronzer.Now let's get the perfect lingerie for your body. There are some fabulous places that will fit you properly for lingerie. Don't be shy to ask for help. There's a beautiful lingerie store call Agent Provocateur where they fit you with the most beautiful lingerie. It's as if the fabrics were made by angels! There's Trashy Lingerie in Los Angeles and they have a web service that takes your measurements and they fit you properly. These days, you can find gorgeous pieces for all shapes and sizes at Fredericks of Hollywood.Now, remember, what's sexy about the strip tease is the act itself. Practice when he's not home. Put on music that makes you feel sexy. I love Chris Issac's "I want to Fall in Love," The Eurythmic's "Love is a Stranger," Metalica's "Turn The Page," Pearl Jam's "Black," - even Fleet Wood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman." Let yourself go. Get on your knees and move your arms and your head to the music. Don't think about how you look! If you dive into the feeling of the music and let your body go with it, you are going to be sexy.When you are ready to do it for your man do the same thing but look him in the eyes! Confidence girl. Look at him like you are going to fuck his brains out, but not yet, you have to wait for kind of thing! Treat each item of clothing you take off like it was made by angels and delicately remove it. Don't get undressed too quickly. Let him savor each move, each breath and each sexy little thing on your fabulous body. Remember, listen to the music and let it guide you. Feel the sex in the music. Oh, and don't forget to toss your hair from time to time. Bend over and let your hair fall between his legs. Stay there, moving it, and let his imagination feel the blowjob he's about to get. Don't throw your hair back until you are on your knees - it's so dramatic, but effective. Keep looking in his eyes and adore him. He will certainly adore you for the gift you are giving!Check out Savanna Samson's latest titles: Any Way You Want Me and Stood Up.

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