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She's A Flasher Pt 2 - Second part where she sees the "after shoot" pictues.

"Susan, sit further back."

"Marie, lean in closer." "Susan, mouth open."

Eyes locked on the camera as shot after shot, flash after flash went off, I barely noticed the instructions getting a bit unusual. Something odd about the timing of the flashes and the instructions briefly crossed my mind, but I was much too engrossed to do anything more than notice it fly by. "Susan, kneel." I did. "Susan, mouth open." My mouth opened. "Susan, lift skirt." My fingers trailed up the edges of my skirt, pulling it sensuously upwards as I still posed everything for the camera. I thought I caught a smile from Lola as my skirt rode up exposing myself bare. Who wore panties under a skirt for a photo shoot? The instructions came faster now, and so did the flashes. I didn't notice when Lola had stopped taking pictures, but I kept posing. Things were beginning to get very blurry to me except those instructions. I was obeying them immediately, although they slipped from one ear to the other as far as conscious thought about them was concerned. "Face the couch." Flash "Raise your ass." Flash "Spread your legs." Flash "Don't move." Flash

I suddenly felt an explosion of pleasure from below as Lola's tongue started to lick and suck at my pussy. My hands were firmly planted on the ground and I was looking at the couch, immobile. My ass was raised so that my wet, dripping sex was in perfect position for her exploring tongue. I felt the tip slip around my lips and spread them, licking and toying with me, with my clit. I wanted to scream rape, I wanted to beg her to continue, I had no idea what I wanted except to move, which I couldn't do. What seemed like hours, and many many orgasms later, I felt Lola's lips slip off of me and walk away. With a final flash of the strobe she said "Get dressed, go home, forget anything sex-related. You had a great shoot. Come back tomorrow. Dress slutty. Here, look at these when you get home." She pressed something into my hand and turned away. Flash. I found myself saying goodbye to Marie, who had a strange glistening around her lips and chin. She dabbed at it lightly with a napkin after noticing my stare and said that she would see me tomorrow. I nodded and headed out.

Walking home, my head reeled a bit. What a great shoot! I had impressed Lola Tangiers! A second shoot was tomorrow and I was going to be killer ready. Maybe some shopping, first... Having hit my favorite stores in the city, I hadn't really found anything that tickled my fancy today. Something more daring slutty, interesting slutty, or just different slutty was what came to mind. I wandered a bit until I saw just the CUTEST sleazy little red mini skirt in the window! I HAD to have that one. I walked in, bought it in a size that just barely covered my ass, along with such an attractive sleazy black spandex top and a pair of 5" high, open toed spiked platform heels, also black. I nearly danced home, feeling all set for tomorrow! I stopped when I realized that the pink frosted nail polish I was wearing was not exactly what went with this outfit. I frowned and hurried over to Madame Lee's Nail Emporium, a little tiny place around the corner that I got manicures regularly. She squeezed me in.

"Weren't you here yesterday?" "Yes," I said, "but this is an emergency! I have to look good for a photo shoot tomorrow and this pink polish doesn't go at all with my outfit!" "Well, can you let me see your outfit?" She asked. "Oh, sure. Here it is," I replied, holding the outfit up for her to see. Her eyes widened. "Um, is this ALL of it?" She asked, a bit concerned. "What do you mean? Of course. Should I put it on? Will that help?" I asked, eager to get things just right. "Er, no. That's OK. I think you're going to want something a bit more...daring with that outfit so that it doesn't get lost. Oh, and you'll probably want your toes done too, since you are wearing open toed shoes." She looked up at me, expectantly. I'd never gotten a pedicure from her before, having stated explicitly that I'd never want to show off my feet. "Feet are ugly," I could hear myself saying.

"Well, that's fine then. I have to look good. Do whatever you think is best, Madame Lee," I offered. "Right. Well, you might want to consider a color to match the top, the skirt, your hair, or your eyes, on either your hands or your feet. They don't have to be the same." She eyed my body, assessing colors and whatever else she was doing. I looked myself over and said, "Well, how about matching the skirt on my hands and my top on my feet?" She nodded, obviously resigned to doing what her foolish customer requested, and painted my long, sculpted fingernails a bright, fire engine red and my long, slender toes a shiny, jet black. I liked it all and tipped her well. "Thanks, Madame!" I chirped as I tottered off. She waved and mumbled a "No problem" as she shook her head in disbelief. Kids, she thought.

Sauntering home, I kicked off my shoes and my clothes came off before I had made it halfway across the apartment. I was feeling very sexy, very horny, and headed straight to the shower. I smelled of sex, although I assumed it was just because of how hot I was feeling. Dropping my package on the bed, I jumped into the steaming shower, my long, red-tipped nails traced the lines of my pussy, slipping through the curly hair to the warm, pulsing wet need underneath as the water cascaded over my back. To surprising thoughts of Lola's tongue on my clit I came wildly, bucking in the shower and mingling my own juices with the shower water as it circled into the drain. I slumped to the floor of the shower, letting my legs splay out across from me in the large shower, turning off the water as I slid down the wall and falling asleep gazing at the surprisingly black nails shining up at me from the other end of the shower floor. Waking, just barely, an hour later, I managed to pull my naked, nearly dry form into a robe and onto my bed. I rolled off of a small lump on the bed, and, opening it, found a pile of photos. Curiosity overcoming fatigue, I settled back onto my pillows and started paging through pictures. Me, standing by the couch, arms up. Nice. Kneeling on the couch, looking at the table. Another good one.

Lying on my stomach on the coffee table. Very sultry. Kneeling on the floor...naked? I sat up slowly, eyes widening. Sucking on someone's breast? Is that Marie's face in between Lola's thighs? Legs spread eagle on the coffee table, head by the couch, Lola's foot on my face? Marie's face in my crotch?? Lola's feet on my breasts?? My face in Lola's ASS??? Were these the pictures we took this afternoon? I sat back, memories hazy and fugue-like. Setting the alarm clock, I passed out for the evening, dreaming of Marie's wet, glistening chin and the pictures of the night before faded into dreams.

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